New feature! Studio Suite Zoom Integration

We’d usually save the announcement of a new integration for “Release Notes”, our quarterly blog post all about what’s new. But this... this is just too exciting, we couldn’t wait!

Now, with the power of Studio Suite’s new Zoom integration, you can offer virtual trials to attract new students, advertise and sell any live class or event, or launch an entirely new revenue stream (even if you’re not tech savvy).


Studio Suite Zoom Integration: Advertise, fill and deliver your live classes with Zoom and Studio Suite

So, your online classes are up & running. What a relief! You’re owning this whole pandemic thing, but you’ve still got lots to do. And you know, amidst it all, that you’ve got to find a way to turn your marketing ON & fill your live classes, and a way to generate revenue and enroll new students.

The good news is that we launched something that can help!

Introducing, the Studio Suite Zoom Integration…

Now, instead of turning off your marketing, shutting your studio’s doors, or closing down for good, you can:

  1. Offer virtual trials to attract new students. Open your existing live classes to new, prospective students by simply integrating Zoom and sharing your link(s). 
  2. Advertise and sell your live classes & events. Integrate Stripe to process payments for your live classes or events and later, automatically add your sign-ups to Zoom.
  3. Launch an entirely new revenue stream! Think outside the box! You’re no longer confined to how many kids or students fit into a class. You’ve literally got the whole word to sell to & serve!

Here’s how it works:

When you add a class to Studio Suite, it automatically generates marketing materials like landing pages, schedules, & social media posts to help you advertise and fill every class. And now, with the Studio Suite Zoom integration, you can automatically send bookings from Studio Suite to any meeting or webinar in Zoom. 

And optionally, you can:

  • Track leads from Facebook ads by integrating your Facebook pixel
  • Send people who book the link to join their meeting or webinar in Zoom from Studio Suite
  • Trigger a follow-up campaign after a virtual trial or event to invite them to enroll or buy something else
  • Get a bird’s-eye snapshot of trials today, easily track who booked, showed, or canceled, and help those who cancel reschedule their trial, too

Look, you’ve got a huge opportunity. At least from what we can see on the backend (we call ‘em the “logs”) in Studio Suite, the average number of leads generated per account has drastically increased since the initial onslaught of COVID—19 (hint: we think it’s because people are online now, more than ever).

So, the BIG question becomes…

Why not?

Why not offer virtual trials for your studio, sell one-time events to generate some extra cash, or create an entirely new revenue stream?

You can do all of those things (and more) using the Studio Suite Zoom integration.

The short? Start your free, 45-day trial of Studio Suite & integrate Zoom!

Here’s how to integrate Zoom with Studio Suite (watch the short, 5-minute video below) 👇

To recap what I covered in the video, here’s a few notes:

  1. To get started, setup your meetings or webinars in Zoom (tick the “registration required” option, else the option to automatically send people who book the link to join won’t work)
  2. Integrate your Zoom account with Studio Suite (if you have multiple users, integrate one account & invite the others as “users” to the Zoom account you integrate, so they all display accordingly in Studio Suite)
  3. On the “Marketing Tools & Assets tab” (Classes > Edit > Marketing Tools & Assets), Studio Suite displays a list of meetings & webinars from Zoom (if you have multiple users tied to this Zoom account, it organizes your meetings & webinars by “user“, too)
  4. Next, choose the corresponding meeting or webinar in Zoom on the dropdown list in Studio Suite (if you create a meeting or webinar after you integrate Zoom, refresh your page to get an updated list)
  5. Lastly, close the “Marketing Tools & Assets” tab and click Save!

If you’d like to automatically send the “Join URL” to people who book, simply paste this liquid into your emails on the Automations tab in Studio Suite:

{% if booking.zoom_url %}
Please note: this takes place virtually via Zoom ⬇️
[Click Here to Join]({{booking.zoom_url}})
{% endif %}

Please note: Adding this liquid will automatically insert the “Join URL” from Zoom, so that you don’t have to send links individually to people who book. That said, please ensure you tick the “registration required” option in your meeting or webinar settings in Zoom, else it won’t work.

Remember: now’s the time to double down on your studio’s marketing!

Just last week I had to resist every urge in my bones to binge-flix and chill through all of Ozark Season 3. My point? We all need a little extra something to do, and you’ve got just what the doctor ordered (yes, that’s a pun for the whole… COVID—19, okay – you get it 😉)

Not using Studio Suite? New users can try it free for 45 days. To learn more, book your free, personalized demo with a studio marketing expert today

I hope you enjoy the Studio Suite Zoom integration.


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Of course, if you have any questions or need my help, hop into the Studio Growth Hub Facebook group & tag me. You can also get in touch with us via email:

Let’s do this, 

Austin Roberson
Founder/CEO, Studio Suite

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