Studio Growth Assessment: Will your studio scale or fail?

If you’re like most of the Studio CEO’s we work with here at Studio Suite, then it’s no surprise that you struggle to focus on consistently growing your studio amidst everything else. The good news is that rapid growth (what some would call ‘scaling up’) is actually quite easy, once you know what to focus on. 

I think Amy Campbell of puts in best when she says that scaling is about capacity and capability. 

Scaling means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means have the ability to grow, without being hampered. It requires planning, some funding, and the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners.

Anita Campbell,

So, the big question is: Will your studio scale? Or fail? To find out, take this free Studio Growth Assessment

  1. To get started, download the free Studio Growth Assessment here
  2. After that, watch the video below (so that you know how to get an accurate total score)
  3. From there, go to this link and log your score online

If you don’t log your score online, we won’t be able to send you any follow-up tips & training. This step is especially important if you want more students or desire to grow faster in general. 

Here’s how to take the Studio Growth Assessment

To summarize the video, after you download the free assessment, here’s how to complete it

  1. Find: Within each of the five pillars, choose the statement which most closely describes your current circumstances or reality. Don’t worry about being 100% accurate; you’ll do that in the next step. Do this for all five pillars.
  2. Gauge: Now, think about your reality & what you struggle with day to day and use this to determine the accuracy of the statement you just selected. Be realistic and honest here; when in doubt, choose quickly.
  3. Score: If your present day situation is worse than described, choose the lowest of the 3 numbers (for example, 1). If it’s exactly as described, choose the middle number (2). And if you’re better off, choose the highest number (3).
  4. Total: Now, write the number you landed on in the space provided below the pillar. This is your pillar-specific score, not your total. If in doubt, have courage to choose the lower number. And again, do this for all five pillars.
  5. Log: Finally, add up your pillar-specific scores to find your total. To figure out if your studio is likely to scale, log your score online by visiting this link: After you log your score, wait five minutes, then check your email for the results.

Remember, if you complete the assessment but don’t log your score online, we won’t be able to send you any follow-up tips & trainings to help you grow. After you log your score, wait about five minutes, then check your email for your results. 

Your classes have the ability to change a child’s life; to teach them so much more than new skills or tricks! But it’s up to you to share this message with your community.

This free Studio Growth Assessment will help you figure out what to focus so that you can stress less, get more students, and scale up fast. We hope you’re excited to get clear and get results!

To your success, 

Austin Roberson
Founder/CEO, Studio Suite

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