Release Notes: Magnets, SMS, Onboarding, and much more!

Release notes is our quarterly update that highlights new features & improvements we've made so you can easily stay up to date on what's new.

Now, there are more ways to find & get potential students, advertise your studio, “nurture” your hottest leads, welcome your newest students, and communicate with prospects (via SMS) in Studio Suite!


Magnets: Get more leads, offer vouchers or micro deals, and promote other stuff, too

Magnets are incentives or “micro offers” that brands & businesses give to prospective customers in exchange for their contact details, so they can follow up about what they sell. Much like dating, Magnets give prospects an opportunity to initiate the conversation & learn more about your brand, even if they’re not ready to commit.

With Studio Suite’s new Magnets feature, you can:

  • Turn more website visitors into leads by offering free downloads, like a Studio Info Kit, Recipe Guide, or Activity Book for Kids
  • Ask visitors to opt-in for a “trial class voucher”, then use the new “nurture” automation to follow up until they book or enroll
  • Easily build landing pages & funnels to advertise anything, like a new program at your studio or Summer camps

Automations: Nurture leads, welcome students, send SMS, reschedule bookings, and customize emails

We’ve made five huge improvements to Automations in Studio Suite! Now, you can “nurture” leads until they take the next step, welcome & onboard new students, confirm & remind prospects about their bookings via SMS, customize the number of emails in every Automation, and trigger more automated actions in one click.

Here’s what’s new with Automations:

Nurture Automation: Check in with your newest & hottest leads every so often, remind them to book their trial, or tell them what they should do next. You have the option to trigger this automatically after a prospect opts-in for a Magnet.

Onboarding Automation: Welcome your newest students, expand revenue, and improve retention—all because you said thanks & told new families how to get started. This triggers automatically (once activated) when you mark a prospect “Enrolled”.

SMS Automation (via Twilio): Confirm & remind prospects about upcoming bookings via SMS (scroll down to the “integrations” section of this post to learn more). Note: you won’t see this option until you integrate with Twilio (it’s super cheap, literally—pennies per text)

Email Customizations (via SendGrid): Now, you can customize the number of emails in every Automation by integrating SendGrid. For example, you could add another reminder email 3 days before or notify an additional email address when a new booking is made.

New, 1-click Actions: Actions work in tandem with automations to help you easily perform multiple tasks in 1 click. In the end, this saves you time, because you don’t have to login to a bunch of different tools when a prospect opts in, books, enrolls, or needs to reschedule.

Prior to this release, you could easily stop or prevent the follow up by marking a prospect “Enrolled” on the Bookings tab. And now, with the launch of three new 1-click actions, Studio Suite helps you get even more done in less time.

  • Kickoff the Nurture Automation: When a visitor opts in for your Magnet, you can automatically trigger the new, Nurture automation/campaign by selecting the “Start Nurture Campaign” action on the Edit Magnet tab (see below).
  • Trigger the Onboarding Automation: When you mark a prospect “Enrolled” on the Bookings tab, you can automatically start the new, Onboarding automation in Studio Suite.
  • Reschedule Bookings: When you click on “Reschedule” on the Bookings tab, Studio Suite takes the prospect’s info to create the new/rescheduled booking in about 3 clicks (and it marks the original booking as “Rescheduled”, too).

We’ve also added email copy & templates for the Nurture & Onboarding Automations, making it faster & easier for you to convert new leads and welcome new students!

Integrations: Send prospects texts about their bookings & customize the number of emails in every Automation

We’re excited to announce two, new integrations with Twilio and SendGrid. Unlike most integrations, which still require you to login to multiple tools, both of these integrations only have to be configured once. Then, all of the settings are controlled & managed in Studio Suite.

  • SMS Automation (via Twilio): Integrate with Twilio to activate the new, SMS features, then edit your text messages on the Automations tab. Currently, you can send confirmations & reminders via SMS.
  • Email Customizations (via SenGrid): Integrate with SendGrid to customize the number of emails in every Automation. For example, you could add an additional email (or two or three) to your follow-up campaign, instead of only utilizing the default, which is three.

Events: Easily market & manage one-time events & camps

Like group trials, but with a theme, Conversion Camps™ and events are a great way to convert “interested” prospects and families into Enrolled students. And now, with the launch of the new Events tab, you can easily replace tools like Eventbrite with Studio Suite.

Plus, all of your bookings for events will show up on the Bookings tab too, making it easier to track all of your leads in one place!


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Austin Roberson
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