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Fill your classes, not your to-do list

Studio Suite helps you fill empty spots and stop losing potential students, so that you can do what you love. Using it is like hiring a marketing assistant who never takes a day off.


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How It Works

Studio Suite streamlines the marketing and sales process for your class-based business. With it, you can funnel all of your leads to one place, track potential students until they enroll, and automatically follow up. All without complex integrations or subscription fatigue.

Add your classes

Setup is easy! Simply tell Studio Suite which classes you want to fill & watch it build promotional tools like social media posts, landing pages, and funnels.

Share your links

Share the link to any page anywhere online. It works with your website, Facebook ads, and Google too, as well as other tools you already use and love.

Fill empty spots

Drive foot traffic through events, deals, and trials, nurture & track potential students until they enroll, and automatically follow up & onboard new students.

Automate your studio, without losing the personal touch

Studio Suite automates time-consuming tasks like arranging and confirming trials, building landing pages, and following up so that you can spend less time finding new students and more time with them instead.


Get the word out quickly, fill your classes fast

Whether you’re looking to fill a small handful of classes or every empty spot, Studio Suite has what you need. Easily connect your Facebook ads pixel, share directly to any Facebook group or page, and communicate via text & email with new leads.


Track potential students, never lose a lead

You’re busy, so it’s easy for important tasks to fall through the cracks. With Studio Suite, you can get a snapshot of your most qualified potential students, easily figure out who booked, showed, or canceled and track all of your leads and interests in one place.



Say goodbye to using a bunch of different tools. Studio Suite has what you need to fill your classes, all in one.

Easily automate admin, marketing, and sales-related tasks


Accept trial class bookings & drop-ins online, 24/7


Trigger automated reminders before a booking begins


Send campaigns to nurture new leads or confirm a booking

Follow ups

Follow up after a booking is finished, if they don’t enroll


Welcome your newest students to the family

Effortlessly turn clicks & visitors into enrolled students

Landing pages

Strategically fill a specific program, camp, or class

Capture forms

Capture all of the info you need to get new students

Social sharing

Encourage visitors to share your classes with their friends

Quickly track the status & interest of every lead


Get a snapshot of new leads & trials stopping by today

Lead tracking

Identify who booked, showed, rescheduled, canceled & enrolled


Personalize every interaction with every new, potential student


Connect & talk to other tools you love

Studio Suite talks to other software systems by connecting directly or via Zapier. It works alongside any class management software too, like Jackrabbit, Akada, Amilia, or Dance Studio Pro.


Send emails & remarket to future customers using Drip


Understand visitors better using Google analytics


Add bookings to any meeting or webinar in Zoom


Track leads and conversions from Facebook ads


Collect payments for trials & drop-ins using Stripe


Connect with thousands of other tools via Zapier


  • Bookings
  • Campaigns
  • Reminders
  • Follow ups
  • Onboarding
  • Landing pages
  • Capture forms
  • Social sharing
  • Dashboard
  • Lead tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Integrations
Fill your classes for free, start today

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Post-Covid Relaunch Package (save $698.00)
Start a free, 14-day trial & choose the Annual plan to get our done-for-you Facebook ad campaign (usually $500.00) and TWO months – totally free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yep, it sure does! Simply add the online enrollment link from your class management software to Studio Suite and mark a prospect “Enrolled” on the bookings tab to stop the follow-up automation and trigger on boarding in one click. Easy. To learn more, book your free personalized demo.

Yes! It integrates with Drip and lots of other tools via Zapier, like Constant Contact and Mailchimp, but we encourage you to replace those tools, if possible, with Studio Suite. In the long run, we want Studio Suite to be as “all in one” as possible. Ready to see it in action? Book a free demo today.

Tools like Calendly, Acuity and Simply Book help you accept bookings but don’t organize leads, follow up automatically, or help you turn potential students into enrollments. Additionally, Studio Suite was specifically built for studios (hence the name). To learn more and see it in action, book your free personalized demo.

You’d want to allow enough time to add your classes with empty spots to Studio Suite. You can also use it to promote one-time events, auditions, master classes, tryouts, etc. All in all, it takes the average user about 2 to 3 hours to get up and running but we have onboarding packages to help you get going faster.

Absolutely! Studio Suite changes the classes that display based on the location a visitor selects. You can filter by location on the backend too, which makes it easy to track & manage leads. On the Dashboard, you always know who’s coming in today and at which location they’re attending a trial.

If a class fills up, Studio Suite will automatically display the next available spot or recommend an entirely different class. If a class is already full, don’t add it to Studio Suite.

Not yet. It’s a marketing automation & sales CRM tool, which means it helps you fill your classes and stop losing potential students. In the future, we plan to make Studio Suite as “all in one” as possible, and our class management add-on is currently in the works. To learn more, book your free personalized demo.

Oh yea! It works with any website—guaranteed. Simply add the links to landing pages and schedules from Studio Suite to any of the buttons or navigations menus on your website. To see an example of how this works, book your free personalized demo.

Yes! From time to time, we offer marketing services like websites and Facebook ads ala carte. This means you’d only pay for services when you need the support, not monthly. To learn more about how services work, book your free personalized demo.

Fill your classes, try it free for 14 days

Studio Suite works around the clock, so you don’t have to. Start your free, 14-day trial.


Free Download! Studio Marketing Funnel™ Framework

Learn how to convert more leads, website visitors, and trials into enrolled students